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    Download free Advanced Search 5 PRO : Filters and facets SEO. Boost your SEO thanks to the faceted navigation created by the Pro version of the Advanced Search 5 module. Set up an advanced search by filters and automatically generate multiple SEO optimized results pages, also called facets

    Advanced Search 5 Pro: a strong partner for your SEO

    The Pro version of Advanced Search 5 is a real advantage for improving your SEO. It includes a generator of SEO-optimized results pages, also known as facets, which allows you to increase your visibility and this, without duplicate content!

    Select the criteria on which you want to improve your SEO, order them and, with one click, automatically generate the meta tags (title, description, keywords), the H1 tag and the simplified URL. Write a SEO content for the top of the page and another one for the bottom. Finally, link the SEO pages together automatically using cross links. And that's it, your facet is created!

    You want to quickly generate multiple SEO pages? That's possible! Select your criteria, validate and you get hundreds of pages listing your products, with the SEO elements automatically generated and the cross links between the pages created.
    You can also easily copy the URLs of the generated SEO pages to add them in your menu, footer, slideshows or blocks and facilitate indexing by Google. Maximize your notoriety by sharing these results pages on your social networks and in your newsletters.
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    Download free latest update Translate all - Free and unlimited translation Module. Translate your entire shop automatically in a few minutes into over 110 languages! With over 15,000 shops translated since its creation, Translate all is the best translation module.

    Translation of content Translation of themes Translation of emails Translation of modules Several translation services are available: Our free translator, Google Translate, Microsoft Translate, DeepL and Yandex Translate Precise display of the percentage of translation done for each language Automatic translation: the content is automatically translated each time a text is modified without having to go through the module Word exclusion: define a list of words that will not be translated Smart dictionary: customise translations by defining the translations you want for certain words Find and replace: Find and replace words or phrases in your shop content easily CRON/CLI: launch translations from the command line or via a CRON task Compatible with PrestaShop multi-store mode Translation into over 110 languages Full documentation
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    Download free latest update Multi-language image - Product image per language. Allow you to assign product image to language on BO then show the images depending language on FO. Your customer on FO will see different images depending their language.
    The module allows you to upload and show images of product for each language. Your store with multi-languages is necessary to bear the different needs of your customers coming from many countries of the world. We believe that the module features, which each image will be set up to show on each language page of your store, can help your business raise its revenue then get more its profit. Because you are not worried about how to advertise your products to private customer groups who can come from other countries with their various languages. Do imagine how your customers will be satisfied to read the image text by their own language. And how will your customers do positively for trading orders because of their impression about your friendly multi-language website.It is good for you to have the multi-language site which your website will show your customers’ language when they are surfing on your store to get more product information before their ordering. The module allows you to upload and display product images on each language which helps you to increase interactions between your customers and product images with its text.

    For example, when a user selected English, your website only shows up product images that is used for English. In contrast, a user chose French, just product images in French will be displayed.
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    Download free latest update Prestashop module to apply equivalence surcharges.
    Equivalence Surcharge Module for Prestashop 1.6 and 1.7
    This module extends the functionalities of Prestashop to allow additional sales options.

    What does the module provide?

    To you
    Pass the additional VAT Warning about clients that work with modules Commitment to the professional sector To your customers
    Avoid sanctions VAT Compliance
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    Free download latest update Tawk.to - The Best Free Livechat - Multilanguage module for prestashop. Tawk.to is a messaging app that lets you chat with visitors on your store. Tawk.to Live Chat is convenient for your customers, helping them through pain points and as a result helping you generate better customer support and higher conversions.
    tawk.to is designed to increase the effectiveness in managing the online customer engagement experience, enabling multiple websites and agents in a single dashboard interface to chat with the visitors on your website.

    tawk.to is the most complete free messaging app.

    Why use tawk.to?
    tawk.to is a live chat app which integrates seamlessly with your store! More than 250000 companies use tawk.to to provide real time support and service to their customers. Never lose anothe.r lead or sale again, with tawk.to you can monitor and chat with your website visitors when they need it most.
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    Download free latest update Alysum - Premium Prestashop AMP Theme. “Alysum Prestashop AMP Theme” – is a universal solution for small and medium business. Alysum is one of best selling Prestashop theme on the market for 10+ years and counting.
    Alysum is Elementor compatible theme
    With our own Elementor widgets and layouts you can prototype your pages blazing fast. Take layouts from different demos and pages and combine them in new creative and eye-catching pages. Don’t waste your time configuring everything from scratch.
    The list of Elementor widgets available in the theme
    Simple Blog Brands Categories Contact Form Daily Deal Header Items Image Images Carousel Images Hotspots Instagram Links Logo Menu Load third-party module Newsletter Products Revolution Slider Suppliers Testimonials Heading
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    Download free latest update Google Tag Manager Enhanced Ecommerce (GA4 + UA) PRO. The most advanced and reliable module to work with Google Tag Manager!
    Add an enhanced and customized datalayer on every page of your shop and plug every others services you like in few clicks (Analytics, Fb Pixel, Adwords...). Compatible with GA4 !

    Google Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce (GA4 & UA) :
    This module sends a lot more information than classic Google Analytics (or Universal Analytics), so you can have more accurate ecommerce reports.
    Know more about your e-commerce : Shopping and purchasing behavior, Economic performance, Merchandising success, Product Attribution...

    Why use Google Tag manager ?
    A Tag Management System (TMS) replaces hard-coded tags that are used for marketing, analytics, and testing on a website, with dynamic tags that are easier to implement and update. A tag Management system also increases your Page speed assembling all your tags and load them asynchronously.
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    Download free latest update Amazzing filter - PrestaShop Addons. Powerful filter, that can instantly process thousands of products without timeout errors. Tested on stores with 30 000+ products

    Amazzing filter was developed for instant processing of thousands of products.

    Initial set-up is very simple.
    Once module is installed, you will have a general filter template for all existing categories. You can easily edit this template by drag-n-dropping available filter criteria in required order.
    If you want to display some specific filters on selected categories, you can create a new template for those categories only.

    Except category pages, filter block is also available for the following pages: New products, Prices drop, Bestsellers, Search results, Products by manufacturer, Products by supplier and Main page.
    All of these pages have adjustable templates, that are activated automatically on module installation. If you don't want to display filters on some of those pages, you can simply deactivate corresponding templates.

    What your customers will like
    Customers can easily get the list of required products, basing on selected criteria. List is generated pretty fast without reloading the page.
    Moreover, customers can set individual filtering preferences. For example, they can choose size “L” as a “permanent” filter. So everytime they go to any category, “L” filter is applied automatically if “size” filter is available on that page.

    Module is installed in a regular way. Simply upload your archive and click install. Don't forget to uninstall other filtering modules in order to avoid possible interference.
    Once module is installed, you should run indexation once. After that, each time you update a product, it is indexed automatically. You don't have to set up additional cron tasks.

    You can easily select hook and change positions on module configuration page.
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    Download free latest update Mega Menu PRO Module - Visual drag & drop. The most powerful Advanced top PrestaShop mega menu module 2023, awesome design, super easy-to-use, display perfectly on mobile devices, visual drag/drop backend, support both vertical & horizontal responsive menu. The best navigation module ever
    We have optimized Mega Menu PRO with the best design options inclusive of prebuilt templates, submenu animations and custom color options for you to create an eye-catching mega menu for your website.
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    Download free latest update HubSpot Integration ecommerce for prestashop. PrestaSyncro is the connector that will allow you to synchronize all the data from your Prestashop online store with your HubSpot CRM and thus be able to control all your business information from a single place.
    - Synchronize all the information of your contacts with their purchase history.
    - It allows to recover abandoned carts.
    - Allows automatic assignment to coupon campaigns between Prestashop and Hubspot.
    - Facilitate your email marketing campaigns with predesigned email templates.
    - Save time in the configuration of workflows since it has predetermined workflows for the most common automations of online stores.
    - Integrate HubSpot business functionalities with Prestashop contacts creating deals automatically.
    - Simplify contact management with preconfigured smart lists.
    - View all Prestashop products in Hubspot, being able to speed up the creation of product landing page, related products.
    - Advanced analytics Ecommerce panels in Hubspot. - Filtering customer buyers, higher investment, which customers bought product X.
    - Analytics tracking record to track customer activity and be able to implement pop ups, chats and / or bots in your Prestashop.
    - Synchronize GDPR subscriptions, marketing, newsletters.
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    Download latest update Brands Slider - Show Brands & Manufacturer Carousel. Prestashop Brands Module adds an attractive brands carousel to your home & category pages showing your brands and manufacturers. Show Brand logos and allow your customers to browse products by specific brands/manufacturers/suppliers.

    What Prestashop Brands module offers?
    Allow Your Customers to Shop By Brand Display Brands Logo Slider at Home page Show Brand's Logo on Product page List Products of Each Brand on Separate page If you want customers to navigate to your product pages without getting lost and losing their interest, get FME’s Prestashop Brands Module to show Suppliers and Manufacturers logo on the web page. It helps your clients to channel their searches of products with respect to brand and supplier. Enhancing the features for the buyer’s search means faster decisions and better sales. Get Prestashop Brands Page module to eradicate these common buyer complications for good.

    What this manufacturer Prestashop Brands has to offer?
    Your exposure is directly proportional to the conversions on your web pages. Visitors are often curious about some products and decide to look them up with a 50-50 chance of purchasing. By displaying Partners supplier and manufacturer logo on the categories and wall page you are turning the odds in your favor by converting the visitor into a potential customer. You have the choice to activate or deactivate logos on the product.

    Area of Function
    The main function of PrestaShop Brands Slider module is to improve the usability or client search and enhance the browsing experience of the visitor. Instead of searching for products separately in chaos, PrestaShop manufacturer logo add-on allows the customers to browse store products offered by a specific brand or manufacturer. Customers with brand loyalty fever will absolutely love it.
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  12. Free
    Download latest update Premium Google Tag Manager addon for PrestaShop. Get a professional Google Tag Manager integration that covers all your current and future needs.

    Preconfigured for:
    Google Analytics (GA4 + GUA) Google Ads (enhanced conversions) Google Optimize Bing Facebook Twitter Criteo TikTok Pinterest Guided Setup:
    You will find a detailed online guide, that explains step by step how to configure the module and each tracking platform, also includes a downloable file to import a full workspace on Google Tag Manager, with more than 240 elements amongs tags, triggers, variables and templates.

    Save Server Resources:
    The module has been developed with high performance in mind as a priority. it's 10 times more faster than previous v2 version, taking advantage of all cached data on PrestaShop, reduces recurring server requests from users with browser session storage feature.

    Clean reports:
    Exclude internal tracking feature, avoids to track the visits from employe devices, this guarantee that reports are only generated by real customers.

    Multipourpose Data Layer:
    Advanced users can take advantage of the rich data layer generated on each page, allows you create new tags on Google Tag Manager to handle your own tracking requirements like custom pixels for affiliate platforms.

    Accurated Tracking
    Events are fired when user insteracts withs elements, products or promotions present on a page will send the view event only when the item is visible on customer display.

    Wide OPC compatibility:
    All tracking modules depends on theme structure, this module includes specific compatibility for the most popular 3rd party checkout modules.
    One Page Checkout For Prestashop One Page Checkout PS Responsive One Step Checkout by BestKit The Checkout Easy Checkout by Sunnytoo Knowband One Page Checkout Klarna Checkout Svea Checkout by Prestaworks
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  13. Free
    Free Download latest update Dynamic Product Fields - Prestashop Addon. Display dynamic custom fields for any product of your choice to allow your customers to customize their orders in endless ways.
    Display one or more user inputs on the product page Define a unit of measurement to each field Define a price formula that will be used to calculate the product cost Define a weight formula that will be used to calculate the product weight Configure preferred units per country for the convenience of your customers Configure different prices per product combination Show or hide the fields based on the selected combination Advanced Features:
    If you need a calculation method that is more complex than using a formula, you can use a calculator file.
    A calculator file is a PHP file that has access to all the values that the user has submitted. These values can be used to return the calculated cost. This method is useful if you want to achieve a complex calculation or also if you want to request the unit prices from an external service, etc. The possibilities are endless!
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    Free Download latest update SEO Audit - SEO Analytics, Pretty URL, Image & Sitemap NULLED. Hit Google top #1 with best SEO practices in 2022! Extremely good, all-in-one PrestaShop SEO expert module, up-to-date with Google SEO rank math, URL redirect, sitemap generator, etc. Guaranteed to improve your SEO!

    You have been spending a lot of time and effort but still not be able to get your website on the #1 position on Google search result page? Hold on, maybe you’re doing something wrong! Let's try SEO Audit- the most complete SEO module for Prestashop with everything you need to improve SEO for your website!

    SEO Analysis
    In the SEO world, content is king! SEO Audit is the unique module that helps you write perfect content that is friendly for both search engines and users and optimized for your SEO keywords. SEO Audit is integrated with up-to-date rank math to help you analyze and detect any SEO problems with the content on every web page of your website such as product page, category page, CMS page, etc. The analysis result includes SEO analysis, readability analysis and snippet preview that helps you create the most SEO-friendly contents with best SEO practices.

    Moreover, our module also provides a SEO checklist to help you know the status of SEO practices on your website and what needs to improve. SEO checklist will help you easily push your keywords to top positions on search result pages!

    URLs optimization and clean IDs (number)
    It's important to get your URLs friendly to make both search engines and customers browse your site easily. With SEO Audit, you can remove IDs from site URLs, check for duplicate URLs or create URL 301,302 & 303 redirections to optimize your URLs.

    You can also automatically remove ISO code for default language in all page URLs, shorten your page URLs to get a better SEO score.

    Unlike other SEO URL modules that overrides all website’s controllers to remove IDs that may cause conflicts with custom modules and not stable, SEO Audit comes with less overrides (only override main dispatcher file) and URL re-matching algorithm to make sure the module is stable and compatible with any other custom modules or custom URLs on your store.

    SEO Audit will also redirect all old URLs (with ID and ISO code of default language) to new URLs (without ID and ISO code) to preserve ranking of your pages and their backlinks. This is the unique module that could do that!

    Another advanced feature that SEO Audit offers to you is Canonical URL. Canonical URL helps your site avoid being penalized by Google for duplicate URLs. You can customize Canonical URL to specify which URL that you want search engines to display on search result pages.

    Sitemap, RSS feed, customizable Robots.txt and social media
    SEO Audit provides you a dynamic sitemap with pagination which can process large sitemap without having to generate big sitemap XML file using cronjob. This module also offers auto RSS feed feature to allow customers to retrieve specific contents from your website.

    Robots.txt is a text file created to instruct search engine robots how to crawl pages on your website. SEO Audit will help you automatically generate Robots.txt file and enable you to edit this file as your requirement.
    We also integrated Open Graph into SEO Audit to help you easily share information through any social network (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.) and optimize your online store for social media sharing.

    Automated meta templates
    For better branding and consistent snippets in the search results, our Prestashop SEO expert module can automatically create customizable meta title and description for every page of your website. Unlike other modules on Addons marketplace, with SEO Audit, you don't need to regenerate these elements for each page (rewrite all meta title, meta description and keywords of each page), they’re all done automatically without affecting the data of your website (product info, category info, etc.)

    SEO Audit also offers some other SEO optimization features such as ratings / snippet, SEO breadcrumb, webmaster tool, import/export SEO data, search engines and referrers and a detailed statistic dashboard to help you keep track of the SEO statuses.
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    Free Download latest update Targat - Electronics and Mega Store PrestaShop Template NULLED. The Targat PrestaShop Multipurpose Electronics theme was created after extensive research into current website trends. The Targat layout design is a perfect match for electronic items including smartphones and digital products.

    Each component of the Targat theme was carefully crafted to produce a comprehensive, expert website for an electronics store. Using the Targat theme, quickly and very easily change or edit fonts and theme colors. Targat theme is additionally constructed using cutting-edge web technology and a modern, fresh style.

    The most important characteristics of this theme are its complete responsiveness, RTL support, support for many languages, a deal countdown, wishlist and comparison functionality, product zoom, and social symbol support, in addition to many more in-built characteristics.

    Each and every one of this theme's subpages can be personalized. This theme's clean, basic, and expert aesthetic is really wonderful. This theme's versatility makes it a great choice for any retailer hoping to set themselves out from the competition.
    Highlights Of Targat!
    Quick start Ajax search, My Wishlist, and Compare Product Eye Caching UI/UX Design All-in-One Rich Configuration Newsletter popup Product Zoom 100% responsive Best Performance and Stability Advanced Blog Live Product Search Google Fonts Auto-Compress HTML Code for Faster Performance With Google Page Speed and GTmatrix, you get an A+ for speed (Rank your store up)
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  16. Free
    Free Download latest update Electron Mega Electronic Super Store PrestaShop Template NULLED. Electron Mega Electronic Super Store Premium Responsive Theme is a flexible and smart design. It is super for Electronics, Computers, Accessories, Hightech, Mobiles, Fashion, Medicine, Furniture, minimal, mega.

    ♛ Electron ♛ Mega Electronics Super Store is selling electronics, furniture, homes, decor, chairs, kitchens, ceramics, art, groceries, accessories, wood, accessories, fashion, decoration, furniture, lighting, cake, kids, style, mega, auto, minimal for Multi-Purpose store.

    Why is Electron Best for Multipurpose and New Business Store?
    World First Fastest Ecommerce Prestashop 1.7 Theme.
    A+ Rapid Performance. -> Check the live demo.

    Easy To Use
    SEO Friendly Design
    Awarded Prestashop
    Quick Support
    (Super Speed With Google Page Speed and GTmatrix)
    Supported Layout Full [OR] Left Panel [OR] Left and Right.
    Multi Store And Multi Language Supported.
    Theme Color Editor and Text Changes.
    Full speed with every site needs inbuilt 35+ modules.

    ♛ Electron Developed by ThemeVolty Team
    Using Material Font Icon and SVG. (Get HD Look Any Devices) Multi-Store and Multi-Language Supported. (Fully Dynamic) Highest Speed Boosted Theme. (Best Caching and Automatic File Compression) Theme Unlimited Color Editor And Manage Text Style and Colors. (Easy Look as you want) Easy Configuration From BackOffice. (Premium Option) Full speed with every site needs inbuilt 35+ modules. (Also Get Light Speed Open Sites) Auto Compress HTML Code to Run Quickly. Highest Score in Gtmatrix. (Premium Code) My Wishlist Compare Product Advanced Blog Live Product Search Custom Theme Color Font Changes. Product Zoom Other BackOffice Rich Features and Customization. Explore demo to show features -> Like Rich Theme...
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  17. Free
    Free Download latest update MODEZ - Responsive Prestashop Theme NULLED. MODEZ – Premium Responsive Prestashop 1.7 Theme with Crazy Elements Visual Page Builder, Mega Menu Pro ($70 included), Revolution Slider 6 ($40 included), Blog ($20 included) and Design Customizer Module. It is fully responsive and looks great on any devices.

    Modez is colorful, modern and dynamic theme. It contains everything you need for a successful online shop business. It’s good as digital shop, fashion shop, games shop, cosmetics shop, jewelry shop, devices shop, food shop or any other categories. Multipurpose theme. Easy install with detailed documentation.
    Modez theme key features:
    Prestashop 1.7 Compatible Theme Elementor-based Page Builder Sidebar AJAX navigation Price Countdowns Headers layouts Mobile adapted Unlimited Colors that you can easy change by colorpickers in Customizer module. Powerful Customizer module allows you to change design of your shop. Boxed / Full width layout / Container mode Dynamic banners can be placed almost everywhere. You can add custom title and description – it will show on mouse over. Easy Installation Four layouts and designs Prestashop Elementor Drag and drop Mega Menu Revolution Slider with Amazing Live Visual Editor and Unlimited Animations Smart Blog that includes latest news on homepage, blog categories, archive, popular posts, recent posts, comments, blog search and other great features. ( Smart Prestashop Blog by Smartdatasoft ) Touch Friendly for all Mobile Devices Browser Compatibility (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Edge, IE11+) Product Carousels on the home page and sidebar makes your shop more interactive! Second Image of product on mouse over Ajax Cart with Popup message Coundowns for price drops everywhere SEO Friendly Ajax Live Search With Images of Products 3 types of Rating Appearance Floating Facebook block OnePage Checkout and MultiPage checkout design support Improved payment modules choice design Manufacturer name and logo on product page Price Slider Sold Out sticker for the convenience of customers Cute Loader (optional) Free 650+ Google Fonts that you can choose in Customizer module Grid / List product view Google Rich Snippets optimized iOS App icon
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  18. Free
    Free Download latest update PrestaShop Advanced Newsletter Pro NULLED. This module for PrestaShop allows you to create and send your own newsletters with different products from your store using many customizable templates.

    We all know that advertising plays a key role in promoting any business. Using our newsletter will boost your sales faster and easier than any other newsletter module available on the market.
    This module is an easy and fast way to send customizable newsletters about top selling products or special offers to your clients.
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  19. Free
    Free Download latest update Warehouse - Prestashop 1.7 theme with elementor NULLED. Warehouse is a clean, powerfull HTML5 responsive prestashop theme.
    Extremly powerfull live theme editor
    It's fully featured easy to use editor of each part of template.
    It also include backoffice editor
    With around 500 customizable options you can create unique design of your store.
    It gives you the ability to customise even very small details of your store.
    IQIT Elementor Page builder
    Drag & Drop live creator of homepages, cms pages,
    product descriptions and blog posts.
    Available with 34 customizable widgets, you can easly create amazing layouts without coding. It is the best page builder for Prestashop!
    Drag&Drop mega menu builder
    The most advanced horizontal, vertical
    and mobile menu module for Prestashop.
    You can setup diffrent content for columns: categories, banner images, manufacturers logos, products, various links, html content and inner tabs with another submenus.
    And other helpful modules included
    You do not have to spend additonal money because very useful extensions are already built in.
    Advanced slideshow builder The best Prestashop blog Amount left to free delivery countdown Wishlist with social share Extend your product presentation Social login (facebook, google, twitter) Popup + newsletter subscription Size chart Product ratings and comments Products compare Additional info tabs on product page Cookies law notification Addthis social share integration Custom content, sliders, links blocks
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  20. Free
    Free Download latest update Transformer PrestaShop Theme - Premium Responsive PrestaShop Theme NULLED. Transformer Prestashop Theme is an elegant, powerful, and fully-responsive PrestaShop template with a modern design. With the help of 50+ built-in PrestaShop modules, you can easily create a professional-looking online PrestaShop store. The Transformer PrestaShop Theme has a powerful theme editor which allows you to customize your PrestaShop theme layout and appearance any way you want. The Transformer design is well suited for any eCommerce store. including clothing stores, electronics stores, fashion stores, shoe stores, jewelry stores, furniture stores, and boutiques.
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  21. Free
    Free Download latest update Panda template v2 - Responsive prestashop NULLED. Panda PrestaShop template NULLED – Creative Responsive PrestaShop Template. Panda template is a modern, clean, and professional PrestaShop template for PrestaShop 1.6, PrestaShop 1.7 and ThirtyBees, which is one of the best PrestaShop templates and PrestaShop templates, it comes with a huge number of useful features to make it be extremely customizable. With a creative responsive design, it looks stunning on all types of screens and devices. Panda template has 19+ designed homepage layouts, you can use any of them or customize them to have your unique homepage. Panda template is a truly premium PrestaShop template.
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  22. Free
    Free Download latest update Akira Elementor - Multipurpose Prestashop 1.7 Prestashop 8 Theme NULLED. Akira is fast, clean, highly customizable and responsive Prestashop theme. This theme is appropriate for all kind of shops like Fashion, Electronics, Furniture, Accessories… or suitable for any kind of Prestashop website.

    Akira is a professional Prestashop theme. It comes with a lot of features and variations: Responsive Layout, Mega Menu, Page Builder, Elementor, Awesome Slider Revolution, RTL, Product Quick View, Ajax Search, Ajax Cart, Ajax product filter, Easy One Click To Install… and so much more.

    Akira theme include Elementor, Slider Revolution 6 and more. Our theme looks wonderful on any platform, it’s fully responsive and Retina ready. Easy to use, awesome and powerful. You will be able to build your website in a snap without coding knowledge.
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