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PHP Scripts

Free download all php scripts resources from Codecanyon, envanto, codester, themeforest & many more for testing purposes before you buy the original license.

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  1. Free
    Download free 66qrcode - QR Codes & Barcodes Generator & URL Shortener (SAAS) NULLED. 66qrcode NULLED is the ultimate QR Code generator. 66qrcode is the most performant, lightweight & easy to use digital QR Code maker software.
    You can use the software for your own needs, as an agency or for your team – with the Regular License. If you want to start a business, sell plans to other users and make money, you NOT need the Extended License.
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    Download free Gojek Clone - Multi Service Apps. Become the World's Quickest Billionaire With V3Cube's Latest Gojek Clone.
    Our KingX Pro App is very Near to and almost a Clone of the GoJek App.
    KingX Pro Super App Offers 101+ Services and is The Royal King of the On-Demand Service Industry. This One-stop Multi-Service App Solution is the best investment.

    If you Plan to Start a Business like GoJek, look no further.

    We will deliver you the most comprehensive and Profitable Multi-Service App that you can use to make Good Money. The KingX Pro App is now available to help you grow your business from an idea to a Successful Empire.

    Our Team will Launch your App Like Gojek in a minimum of 14 days with your Branding, Name, and Logo on your Android and iOS App Stores. We will also integrate a Local Payment Gateway, SMS Gateway, and Languages and Currencies of your choice into the App to ensure that your customers can easily access over 101 different Services in this Single Super App.

    Check and take the app's trial, Place an Order with us, Get Apps Delivered to your Stores, and start your Online Go-Jek-like business in just 2 Weeks.
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    Download WorkDo Dash SaaS - Open Source ERP with Multi-Workspace Free
    WorkDo Dash SaaS presents an efficient solution, encompassing a range of key features. It offers a unique multi-workspace function for tailored company-specific management, all within a flexible cloud-based SaaS model, eliminating the need for local installations and facilitating easy scalability. This platform also supports multi-addons, allowing users to personalize the system with extra modules, enhancing adaptability to diverse business needs. This comprehensive approach fosters seamless collaboration, streamlined data management, and optimized processes, all contributing to heightened productivity and improved operational efficiency for organizations.

    URL : Demo Link
    Login as Super Admin : superadmin@example.com / 1234
    Login as Company : company@example.com / 1234
    What can you expect from WorkDo Dash SaaS – Open Source ERP with Multi-Workspace?
    Multi-Workspace Functionality: Efficiently manage multiple workspaces tailored to distinct companies for enhanced organizational control and flexibility. Premium Add-ons Customization: Design your SaaS platform by seamlessly integrating Premium Add-ons that cater to your specific business requirements. Full White Label Customization: Tailor the platform to your brand with a comprehensive white label setting for a seamless user experience. Multi-Theme Interface: Choose from a range of visually appealing themes with various color options to personalize the user interface. Flexible Add-on Pricing: Super Admin can establish custom monthly and yearly pricing for add-ons, providing pricing flexibility to suit diverse user needs. Add-on Configuration: Configure specific setups within add-ons to precisely align the platform with your business processes. Add-on Selection and Subscription: Empower users to select and subscribe to desired add-ons, enhancing adaptability to their unique needs. Unified User Registration: Register a single user with multiple companies and roles using the same email, streamlining user management. Visually Engaging Dashboards: Present data effectively with visually attractive dashboards, facilitating insights and decision-making Granular Roles and Permissions: Manage user access with roles and permissions, ensuring data security and controlled usage. Comprehensive Business Modules: Seamlessly handle various business aspects, including products, services, proposals, invoices, projects, and project reports. Robust Accounting Management: Effortlessly manage customers, vendors, banking, income, and expenses, and generate insightful reports. Holistic HR Management: Streamline HR tasks with employee management, payroll, leave tracking, event management, document handling, and company policy administration. Efficient CRM Tools: Manage leads, and deals, and generate reports to enhance customer relationship management. Integrated POS System: Seamlessly controls warehouses, purchases, POS orders, and point-of-sale transactions. Messenger Module: Facilitate communication within the platform through an integrated messenger module. Enhanced User Experience: Provide image upload previews, password reset pages, and security via email verification. Cloud Data Storage Integration: Seamlessly integrate with local, AWS, and Wasabi cloud data storage solutions for flexible data management. Multi-Currency Support: Add and manage currencies as required for global accessibility. Multi-Language Availability: Ensure global accessibility with support for multiple languages. Customizable Layout Settings: Customize settings for RTL support, primary colors, sidebar preferences, and layout themes. Print Customization: Personalize printed materials with attractive PDF templates and a customizable color palette. Enhanced RTL Experience: Ensure a user-friendly experience for RTL languages like Arabic, Hebrew, and Urdu. Flexible Payment Methods: Any of the plans’ payments can be done using 20+ diverse payment gateways namely Stripe, Paypal, Paystack, Flutterwave, Razorpay, Paytm, Mollie, Skrill, Mercado Pago, CoinGate, Paymentwall, SSPay, toyyibPay, PayTabs, Iyzipay, Payfast, Benefit, Cashfree, aamarPay, PayTR Built on Laravel 9: Built on the reliable Laravel 9 framework for robust performance.
    In conclusion, WorkDo Dash SaaS comes as a comprehensive and versatile solution designed to increase organizational efficiency and simplify various aspects of business operations. With a suite of functions that includes multi-workspace capabilities, customizable add-ons, and a user-friendly interface, the platform empowers users to tailor their experience to specific needs. From efficient collaboration through seamless communication tools to powerful project, finance, and HR management, WorkDo Dash SaaS offers a unified ecosystem to optimize productivity and operational effectiveness. Its intuitive features, including email templates and comprehensive reporting, ensure that businesses can easily adapt, communicate and make informed decisions. Ultimately, WorkDo Dash SaaS stands as an essential tool for modern enterprises looking to improve collaboration, simplify processes, and achieve extraordinary efficiencies in their day-to-day operations.
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    Free Download latest update Grow CRM SaaS - Laravel Project Management Nulled. Grow is a client relationship management application, with full project management features. Grow combines many of the various tools that you require, in one easy-to-use application. These include tasks, invoices, leads, estimates and much more.
    Download free Midnight - Grow CRM Dark Theme - Addon - 32519235
    Download free Prestige - Grow CRM Theme - 36182509
    https://safefileku.com/download/tBgBygdiYK2qpSKd Demo
    Admin https://demo.growcrm.io
    Username: admin@example.com
    Password: growcrm

    Staff Member https://demo.growcrm.io
    Username: annie@example.com
    Password: growcrm

    Client https://demo.growcrm.io
    Username: mike@example.com
    Password: growcrm

    Server Requirements
    PHP 7.3, 7.4, 8.0, 8.1 Apache Web Server BCMath PHP Extension Ctype PHP Extension Fileinfo PHP extension JSON PHP Extension Mbstring PHP Extension OpenSSL PHP Extension PDO PHP Extension Tokenizer PHP Extension XML PHP Extension MySQL (or MariaDB) Database GD Library > or = v2.0
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    Download free Qixer - Multi-Vendor On demand Service Marketplace and Service Finder System NULLED. Qixer NULLED – On demand Service Marketplace and Service Finder Laravel Platform. it has 4 home page variant which fit anyone needs for showcase your small/medium/larage service based business website. it’s a multi vendor service script, any one can register and offer his service via your this platform. It’s highly customisable, it comes with many awesome features, like Drag & Drop Page Builder, drag & drop menu builder, drag & drop form builder, drag & drop widget builder and many more. it’s compatible with Desktop, laptop, mobile and also compatible with major browsers.

    we have added all the thing required for doing seo, seecially add og meta support for all the blog with facebook/twitter support. it support 15+ payment Gateway, Paypal, Stripe, Paytm, Flutterwave Rave, Razorpay, Mollie, Paystack, Midtrans, Mercado Pago,Cashfree, Payfast,instamojo, Manual Payment Etc
    Qixer - Multi-Vendor On demand Service Marketplace and Service Finder Buyer Flutter App | 38154133
    Live Chat Addon - Qixer Service Marketplace and Service Finder | 38911891
    Qixer - Multi-Vendor On demand Service Marketplace Seller App | 39013880
    Seller Subscription Addon - Qixer Service Marketplace and Service Finder | 39634165
    Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF) Prevention Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) Prevention Password Hashing Avoiding SQL Injection System Requirement
    System Requirement Backend Framework: Built on Laravel 8x PHP Composer Frontend Framework: Built on Bootstrap 4x Requires PHP 7.4 Supports MySQL, Mysqli.
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    Download free ONNO - Laravel News & Magazine Script NULLED. ONNO NULLED is a complete News & Magazine CMS to easily start your online news & magazine platform. It has most powerful admin panel for manage article, videos, pulls, widget and many more. ONNO is build with one of the best web application framework — Laravel. Start online news and magazine site with ONNO to manage upto 100B article easily.

    Core Features
    Post Unlimited News/Article Create Unlimited Videos Post/News/Article Create Unlimited Pages. Create Unlimited Pulls & Votes Create and hook a lot of widgets Ads Support(AdSense,Ads Code, Banner, HTML & Text
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    Download free We Courier - Courier and logistics management CMS with Merchant,Delivery app. Wecourier is a complete parcel delivery solution for the most common courier platforms. It has a lot of build-in futures which are needed for every courier management site. It is designed for those who want to start their courier business or parcel delivery website. There are many courier scripts, many of them are very expensive, and have very complex interfaces for admin and user. Wecourier is designed with user friendly interface and simple interface. Any non-technical person can use this software.

    No need to waste money on developing new software And no need to waste time.Wecourier will help you like – Branch management, parcels delivery, merchant management, sms system, user support ticket system , payment accounts management system, notification sending system, parcel delivery history, merchant invoice generator system, print label system, merchant online payment system and merchant payout system and etc. Setting up your website with our system only takes a few minutes.
    Wecourier – Parcel delivery courier management Logistics support cms
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    Download free EasyPark SaaS - Vehicle Parking Management System. A Vehicle Parking Management System is a comprehensive solution designed to streamline and optimize parking operations in various settings, such as commercial facilities, residential complexes, and public spaces. This system integrates technology to efficiently manage parking spaces, enhance user experience, and enforce rules and regulations. Key features often include automated entry and exit systems, real-time space availability tracking, secure payment processing, and user-friendly interfaces for both administrators and parkers. The primary goals are to reduce congestion, improve accessibility, and provide a seamless parking experience through effective utilization of space and advanced technology.
    PHP >= 8.1 BCMath PHP Extension Ctype PHP Extension Fileinfo PHP extension JSON PHP Extension Mbstring PHP Extension OpenSSL PHP Extension PDO PHP Extension Tokenizer PHP Extension XML PHP Extension
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    Download free PixelPages - SAAS Application Website Builder for HTML Template. Are you looking for a quick and easy way to create stunning single-page websites that captivate your audience? Look no further than Pixel Pages Single Page Site Builder for HTML Templates – the ultimate tool for building sleek and modern sites with unparalleled ease. Whether you’re a business owner, a creative professional, or just someone with a message to share, Pixel Pages empowers you to bring your vision to life in no time. It is a user-friendly platform built on the foundation of CodeIgniter technology.

    This script offers both an impressive Admin and User dashboard, making it effortless for users to manage and control various functionalities. The platform is provided with 100 professionally created templates suitable for a wide range of niches. You can choose a template that matches your vision and requirement. An easy-to-use editor allows you to customize text, images, and even add custom CSS and JS. Admin can easily manage and add pricing plans to grant users access and charge them. The script supports the PayPal, RazorPay and Stripe payment method. Admin and Users have the option to personalize their profiles, including their profile picture and other personal information. The admin has the capability to activate the download feature for templates, allowing users to easily download the site for future use.

    Users can utilize the templates provided by the admin to create websites tailored to their needs and host them on the admin’s custom domain. Users also have the freedom to connect an Autoresponder to capture leads generated on their sites without any additional complexity. The user-friendly dashboard enables users to effortlessly oversee and control their websites.

    Additionally, administrators can directly assign pricing plans to users, modify templates, and customize the site by changing its name, logo, and favicon. These customization options enhance the user-friendliness of the script.

    Pixel Pages simplifies the process of website creation, making it accessible to everyone. No matter your background or skill level, you can create a stunning, responsive, and highly functional single-page site in just a few easy steps.

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  10. Free
    Download free latest Update LaraClassifier - Classified Ads Web Application + Plugins NULLED. LaraClassifier NULLED is the most powerful Classified Ads Web Application in the market. An Open Source and modulable classified app having a fully responsive design. It is packed with lots of features.
    List of addons:
    Detect Ads Blocker Plugin Offline Payment Gateway Plugin Paystack Payment Gateway Plugin Reviews System Plugin Watermark Plugin Download ADDONS:
    License Information To activate license, put in form any value, (ex. xxxxxx-xxxxxx). Developer BedigitCom Features
    Custom Fields (Create your own Classified Ads, Auto Deals Classified, Real Estate Classified, Directory Listings or Jobs Portal websites) Based on a REST API (RESTful API) Clean and Modern Design Fully Responsive (also in Admin panel) Built with PHP/MySQL & HTML5/CSS3 Frameworks: Laravel, Bootstrap, jQuery, VueJS Geo location supported (with Maxmind free or pro database) Multi Currencies Support for RTL direction Multiple Languages Available Unlimited Colors Homepage Customization (Change and Order the Home Sections from the Admin panel) Users, Roles and Permissions System (ACL) integrated in the Admin panel PayPal Integrated Google Adsense integrated Google Maps integrated Twilio and Nexmo APIs integration Facebook comment integrated ReCaptcha integrated Turn ON/OFF Ads activation Option Turn ON/OFF User account activation Option Allow guests to post an ad without being logged Email Notifications (Using local SMTP or Amazon SES, Mailgun, Mandrill, or Sparkpost API) SMS Notifications (Using Twilio or Nexmo API) Resend Mail or SMS verification feature (Get more users with valid email or phone number) Messaging System between Sellers & Buyers integrated (NOTE: Only Buyers can start the conversation) CMS for Static pages (Create pages like: About Us, FAQ, Terms & Privacy, etc.) Contact page (Contact form & Google maps) Website Sitemap page Google XML Sitemap RSS feeds generator List of countries page (If activated, SEO supported) SEO optimized WebP image format support Website backup (Admin panel module) Blacklist (Admin panel module) Plans/Packages (for Premium Ads) Front End Listing Submission Social Networks Login (Facebook, Google) Protecting the users phone number against crawler Well commented code. Ready to use Easy to use. Only 2 minutes to install it. and much more..
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    Download free Academy LMS - Learning Management System NULLED + addons, apps and themes. Academy Lms NULLED is a marketplace script for online learning. Here students and teachers are combined together for sharing knowledge through a structured course-based system. Teachers or instructors can create an unlimited number of courses, video lessons and documents according to their expertise and students can enroll in these courses and make themselves skilled anytime and from anywhere.
    So start selling your courses by installing ACADEMY and make your online business today.

    List of addons, apps and themes for Academy Lms:
    Download Full Addons :
    Quick start guide for course instructor/admin
    Read all our provided documentation carefully before using the software Install the application following “Installation and Update” guide carefully Login as site administrator to organize your system At first update your System Settings and Payment Settings from Settings option of the left sidebar menu. Also, make sure to provide a valid YouTube API key and a valid Vimeo API key on System Settings. If you have updated the Settings successfully, you can go to Categories option from the same left sidebar menu and create Categories. After creating Category, you can create Sub-categories under a specific Category. For creating Sub-categories you can go to the Categories page, select a specific category, click on the Action dropdown menu and select Manage Sub-categories. It will take you to the Sub-categories page. Now you can simply click on “+Add Sub Category” button and fill all the required fields to create a Sub-category. Now its time to create some Courses. Since a course will contain all the video lessons you have to create it carefully. Move to Courses option from the left menu, You will get a “ Add Course Form” after clicking on “+Add Course” button. Fill all the fields carefully Every Course should have at least one Section. Because at the end you will have to add a lesson under a specific section of a specific course. So, now you will have to create at least one section. Move to the Courses page, select a specific course, click on the action dropdown menu and select Manage Section. After clicking on Manage Section you will get the list of Section which is empty now. You have to create one by clicking the “+Add Section” button As you have created a Course and a section or multiple sections, now you will be able to create a lesson. Now, let’s move to the Course page again, select a specific course, click on the Action dropdown button, select Manage Lesson. It will also show the list of lessons that you’ve created. To add new you can just click on “+Add Lesson” button Quick start guide for course students
    Since the application has been already installed. Student can access the website by simply hitting the application URL Home page will appear every time a student hits the URL. From the home page, a student can search for a specific course, get all the top courses, top ten latest courses, get category based courses. A student can sign up if he/she is not registered yet. If a student is already registered he/she can log in. Student can add courses on their Shopping Carts or add them on their Wishlists Students can see the course details by simply clicking on a course thumbnail. The course details page contains all the essentials information about a course like, Title, Description, Outcomes, The prerequisites of the course, Lesson list Instructor details, and the rating and reviews. User can see a course overview here If Student want to buy the course they must add those courses on their cart After adding a course on Shopping cart if a student wants to see their cart items, they can to go to the Shopping Cart page by clicking on Go To Cart button, which appears on hovering over the cart icon of the header Student can remove courses if they want from the shopping cart page On the right side of the shopping cart page is the total price of the cart items. Under that is the Checkout button. If student want to check out they can simply click on the Checkout button and pay for those courses After a successful checking out student can see their courses on the My Courses menu. The student will get the My Courses button by hovering over their profile image from the header My Courses page will show all the courses which are purchased by that student. Student can play the lessons by clicking on the thumbnail from the My Courses page
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  12. Free
    Download free latest update BookingGo SaaS - Multi Business Appointment Booking and Scheduling NULLED. BookingGo SaaS NULLED revolutionizes business management by offering a comprehensive solution to handle every aspect of your operation. From seamlessly managing business hours, appointments, and break hours to overseeing users, customers, appointment calendars, and system settings, BookingGo SaaS provides an intuitive and efficient platform. With customizable features and automated processes, businesses can enhance time efficiency, improve customer experiences, and maintain superior organization. BookingGo SaaS adapts to diverse industries, offering scalability and flexibility to meet unique business needs. Elevate your business operations, simplify complex tasks, and unlock success with BookingGo’s user-friendly interface and powerful features.
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  13. Free
    Download free latest update TailorPos - Pos and Order Management System. TailorPOS is a cutting-edge, user-friendly Point of Sale (POS) application specifically designed to meet the unique needs of tailoring businesses. Whether you run a small alterations shop or a full-fledged clothing boutique,TailorPOS is your one-stop solution for managing your operations efficiently and delivering exceptional customer service.

    You can manage your expenses, store customer measurements, create invoices, keep customer ledgers and much more!
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  14. Free
    Free Download latest update Ultimate POS - Best ERP, Stock Management, Point of Sale & Invoicing application + Addons NULLED. This product is for those who are serious and really want to grow their business. You will find yourself a bargain when you download UltimatePOS NULLED.
    List of UltimatePOS Addons:
    Download UltimatePOS Addons:
    Key Features:
    Some Businesses/Shops:
    Set up some business in the app. There is no limit to the number of businesses. Inventory & accounting information is stored separately for each business. Add Location / Storefront / Warehouse:
    Create multiple locations for your business/shop Manage everything simultaneously. Stock, Purchase, Sell can be tracked differently for location. Customize invoice layout, invoice schema for each location User & Role Management:
    Powerful user and role management system Predefined roles – Admin & Cashier Create different Roles with permissions according to your needs. Create unlimited users with different roles. Contact (Customers & Suppliers):
    Mark contacts as customers or suppliers or both (customers & Suppliers) View transaction details with contacts. View the total Credit/Debit balance amount Determine payment terms and get payment reminders a week before the due date.
    Manage Single & Variable products. Classify products by Brand, Category, Sub Category. Add products that have different units Add SKU numbers or automatically generate SKU numbers with prefixes. Get stock alerts when stock is low. Save time by calculating the selling price automatically, the smart system calculates the selling price automatically based on the purchase price and profit margin. No need to type variations every time, create a variation template and use it every time you need to create a variable product. Purchase:
    Add purchases easily. Add purchases for different locations. Manage Paid/Due purchases. Get Notifications about Due Purchases a week before the payment date. Add discounts & Taxes Sell:
    Simplified interface for selling products Default Walk-In customers are automatically added to the business Add new customers from the POS screen. Ajax based sales screen – saves reload time Mark invoices for draft or final Different payment options Customize invoice layout and invoice schema. Manage Expenses:
    Add business expenses easily Categorize expenses Analyze expenses by category and business location with expense reports. Report:
    Purchase & Sales Reports Tax Report Contact Report Stock Report Expense report View Trending Products, browse by Brand, Category, Subcategory, Unit and date range Expense report Cash Register Report Sales Representative Report Other useful features:
    Set currency, time zone, financial year, profit margin for business. Translation ready. Predefined barcode sticker settings. Create your barcode sticker settings Manage Brands, Tax Rates & Tax groups, Units, Categories & Sub-Categories Easy 3 step installation. Detailed documentation Stock Adjustments Express Payment Work Offline
    Demo Login Link: Demo
    Username: admin
    Password: 123456
    Cashier or seller login:
    Link: Demo
    Username / Password: cashier/123456

    Please read!
    All Files on This Site are Safe And Clean & Have Been Checked On VirusTotal. This program is actually paid. This program has been modified to make the paid version for life and free for your $$. All programs on my site are protected from excessive modification By a program dedicated to protection from tampering These programs appear on virus scanning sites and virus programs The system says it is a malicious file when it is not. Thank you for visiting Codinganme.com 🙂
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    Download free POS - Ultimate POS system with Inventory Management System - Point of Sales - React JS - Laravel POS. This is an Advanced Laravel POS system that helps you to create orders and manage the inventory of multiple warehouses with products. We have a very attractive and easy-to-use POS screen which is the heart of any pos system. you can create different orders from that pos screen and print the receipt.

    We are also supporting the barcode scanning into the pos screen, for that you need to connect the barcode scanner and just the scan barcode of the existing POS system and that will add that product as an order item into the POS screen. Each product will have its barcode based on the added code of the product. We have an advanced report system that helps the admin to get an overview of the system in just minutes. InfyPOS – Advanced Laravel POS system with Inventory Management – Point of Sales – React JS (SPA)
    Easy POS
    Attractive and very user-friendly POS screen by using you create do orders. You can see lists of available products there and filters by categories and brand. we are showing the available quantities there so its will remind user that they may have to purchase new quantities. we also have added support for Barcode Scanner, when you scan any product code that is in POS system it will be auto added as order item.
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  16. Free
    Download free latest update Genius Trade - Advanced Trading Platform NULLED. Genius Trade NULLED is a complete solution for an online payment gateway. Clients can use this system to make a trade and get a profit if clients win the trade. Anyone can register for trading and can win the trade. This is simple but very robust script. You can get all features to make it a fully functional script. You can use it for professional business purposes. You will get a percentage amount from user withdrawal. Also, admin will get the money whenever user loses their trade.

    Genius Trade comes with features like withdraw, deposit, send money request, send money, money transferring, practice trade, real-time trade, Advanced trade based on cryptocurrency, multi-level referral system, Dynamic KYC form and user verification, manual fund add, 2FA security, multiple currency and languages, currency rate automatic update through API, dynamic font and many more.

    There is an option for practice trade in case new users get an idea of how the system works. There is three possible option one user can get win, lose and draw. It’s about predicting the cryptocurrency rate. There are two options for predicting one is high and another one is low. If the user predicts the cryptocurrency rate will be high within a particular time that time the user will win. If the currency rate is low users will lose. Between two-stage of win and lose will be the draw. Traders also can earn by referral system too. Admin can set referral percentage from admin panel.

    This script is perfectly created with lots of known online payment gateways to make the payment easier, flexible, and comfortable. Genius Trade is easily installable and you can manage this script more easily with user-friendly features and an interactive interface with a fully responsive design. It’s designed for everyone, whether is the user technical or non-technical. Anyone can interact with the interface easily and comfortably
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  17. Free
    Download free latest update easyComment - PHP Comment Script. easyComment is a PHP commenting system. easyComment gives you everything you could want in a comment system. Multi-level commenting, comment voting, guest comments and much more features. It also has a full admin area to easily manage comments, reports and other options. It offers a complete user management system for easyComment. Users can register/login and manage their comments.

    easyComment is very flexible and fits into your websites with great themes. You can put a single code in your script. That’s it. It will magically create your comment space.
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  18. Free
    Download free latest update QR Menu Maker - SaaS - Contactless qr restaurant menus - mobidonia. 
    Re-open your restaurant with a Contactless Menu
    Start a Contactless restaurant menu maker business in less than 10 min.
    In the era of covid, restaurants need modern and clean solutions for their traditional way of working. Including the menus on their tables.

    With this tool, they can create both a digital menu and the QR for it. There are also print templates available.
    Benefits for project owner
    Start a subscription business in less than 10 min Robust solution with no additional monthly charges or any extra service need. No time need to run this business. It is completely automated and scalable. Take advantage of this pandemic, and turn it into your favor.
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  19. Free
    Download free Bulistio - Business Listing / Directory Website (Subscription Based) NULLED. Bulistio NULLED is a Business Listing / Directory Platform where Admin can create subscription packages (monthly / yearly / lifetime / premium / free). Businesses will subscribe to these packages & list their business in the plantformm.
    It is suitable for global & local business as it has option for countries, states, cities. If Admin wants to do local business, then he can simply disable country or state.

    Admin can also setup charges to make a business ‘featured’ for a specified time. Featured Businesses will be highlighted in search page & home page.

    Bulistio offers 4 unique & attactive templates.

    It’s frontend part is fully multilingual & RTL supported

    It has an advanced search page with map view of businesses. Admin can also disable map in search page. The search results are shown without any pageload.

    Bulisto provides 10 online payment methods (Paypal, Stripe, Authorize.net, Mollie, Razorpay, PayTm, Instamojo, Paystack, Flutterwave, Mercadopago). More payment methods will be added here. Admin can also add unlimited offline payment methods.

    It also provide more cool features like – ecommerce for Admin, Drag & Drop Menu Builder, Support Tickets, Mail Templates, Google Adsense / Banner Ad, Admin Role / Permission & a lot more.
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  20. Free
    Download free latest update 66analytics: Easy, friendly & privacy-focused web analytics NULLED. 
    66Analytics NULLED - Web analytics made easy.
    Self-hosted, friendly, all-in-one web analytics tool. Lightweight tracking, session replays, heatmaps, user journeys & more.
    Simple, good looking & friendly
    Most web analytics solutions do way too much when, in most cases, what you need is to glance over them and easily understand what is going on.
    Simple 5-min installation process Easy to understand & use Modern & good looking Everything at just a glance
    The dashboard contains all the details you will need to know how you traffic is looking and evolving.
    Evolution on the past 30 days (select the range yourself) Top pages, countries, referrers All about UTM's to know where which campaign is the most effective Simple & custom Goals tracking Other visitors details such as: Devices, OS, Browsers..etc Understand your visitors
    Evaluating your visitors behaviour and repeated actions is the best way to know what is working and what is not going so well.
    View and get details of all the visitors Analyze all their past sessions including the flow of the visited pages and their actions Identify your visitors By connecting your logged in users from your app, to the tracking system by any identifier
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  21. Free
    Download free Hyip Rio - Advanced Hyip Investment Scheme With Ranking System and Automatic Withdraw. Hyip Rio – is an Advanced Investment System that is mainly used for the Hyip Investment Website. It is a highly secure and fast dynamic Hyip Investment Script. In the system user can register to the application and can deposit to the account and can Invest in any of the Investment Plans which is called Schema in the system. Users can get the Signup Bonus for registering to the website and they also can earn to referral. It has various referral levels to get the referral bonus. There is an integrated automatic payment gateway like Paypal, Stripe, Mollie, Coinbase, Paystack, VogurePay, Coingate, and Flutterwave. Also, it has an automatic withdrawal method to withdraw the money to the user account directly. It has a manual deposit method available. There is a Ranking system on the website, users can achieve any of the rankings to earn from investment and can unlock ranking badges. One user can transfer the fund to other users. There is an investment and deposit bounty available. All the systems and features are managed by the admin.
    System Requirements:
    Laravel >=9.3 PHP >= 8.1 MySQL 5.7+
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  22. Free
    Download free Scriptio - Scripts Selling Platform. Scriptio is an online text scripts sharing and selling platform. With the fast, user friendly, secure latest web technologies your income is
    guaranteed. There are many simple ways to earn money by displaying ads
    next to your online scripts or by selling them.
    Key Features
    view sales statictics on dashboard. Add, edit, view scripts. Add, edit, view script categories. Set free or premium scripts. Confirm, decline and update orders status. Add, edit, view custom pages. Add, edit, view, send newsletters. Publish ads from ad networks like Google AdSense, Amazon, AdRoll, Adsterra, Dianomi, Epom Ad Server, GroundTruth, Infolinks, Media.net, Bidvertiser among others. Publish and unpublish reviews. Accept order payments. Add, edit, view users. View customers. View subscribers. Receive and repond to support tickets. Add, edit, view FAQ (Frequently asked questions). Add, edit, view blog posts and categories. Easily switch between date and time formats within the system. Front settings - Set how to process free scripts, change homepage background, change homepage title and sub title, quick footer infos. Show / hide footer payment icons Google analytics settings - Keep track of all statistics from one place using Google Analytics. Ad settings - Set Display ads after Top selling items, Featured items, New arrivals, Top rated items, Everyday deals items Add, edit, view offline payment options like Cash on Delivery, Bank, etc. Support for multiple currencies, Over 135 currencies based on payment gateway. Accept customers make payments of orders online. Integrated cron jobs settings to create notifications, send email reminders and keep every item upto date. Email template builder - Integrated customisable and user friendly email templates. Font Settings - Define the font face using google fonts. Google analytics settings - Setup Google analytics for all your site's statistics. Log every activity done. Automated backup, that is, never lose any data again! This CRM is fully responsive, that is, You can easily access your data from any device regardless of its size. And many more features.
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  23. Free
    Download free CasherWin Online Gaming Script. Introducing CasherWin, an innovative online gaming script developed by skilled Russian developers. Built using the powerful Node.js framework, CasherWin offers an exceptional gaming experience with 12 programmable games and the flexibility to add API-based casino, slots, and sports games. Whether you are looking to launch a new gaming platform or enhance your existing one, CasherWin provides a robust and scalable solution.
    Get Started Today!
    Elevate your gaming platform with the advanced CasherWin Online Gaming Script. Join the ranks of successful gaming platforms and provide your users with an unparalleled gaming experience.
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  24. Free
    Download free Gblicense - licensing system (Open Source) | Supports cPanel, Plesk, Imunify360 and 22+ more! 15. Experience unparalleled flexibility and control with Gblicense v15, the ultimate open-source licensing system designed to support a wide range of platforms including cPanel, Plesk, Imunify360, and 22+ more. Perfect for businesses looking to manage unlimited accounts and software seamlessly, Gblicense v15 offers an all-in-one solution tailored for efficiency and reliability.
    Supported Platforms:
    CloudLinux cPanel VPS cPanel Dedicated Plesk VPS Plesk Dedicated Imunify360 JetBackup KernelCare LiteSpeed (2W, 4W, 8W) SitePad Softaculous Virtualizor WHMReseller WHMSonic DirectAdmin JetBackup cPnginx FleetSSL
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  25. Free
    Free Download MagicAI NULLED - OpenAI Content, Text, Image, Chat, Code Generator as SaaS - MagicAI is designed to help you generate high-quality content instantly, without breaking a sweat. It supports the most popular AI generation models.
    Follow the basic instructions for installing our free license manual at the bottom of the content, please scroll down to the bottom of the content.

    Automated Writing Software
    The MagicAI Writer aims to assist you in producing superior texts within no time and with minimal effort. Our user-friendly interface, along with robust functionalities, facilitates convenient editing, exporting or publishing of your AI-produced outcomes.

    Images generated by artificial intelligence (AI).
    MagicAI provides the ideal solution for producing premium-quality images that can be employed across a variety of platforms. These outstanding visuals cater to multiple domains such as business promotion, web development and social media outreach. It enables you to explore diverse design ideas while crafting visually captivating graphics in no time!

    Chat using artificial intelligence
    MagicAI is always available to provide prompt responses, regardless of the subject matter. Whether you need assistance with making a reservation, seeking product advice or simply engaging in small talk about weather conditions, our platform will quickly and efficiently furnish answers to your inquiries.

    The code for artificial intelligence (AI).
    With MagicAI, developing code is quicker, simpler and more effective than ever. Whether you're an experienced programmer or a beginner in the field of coding, our application will assist you in optimizing your programming process and swiftly launch your projects.

    Generating text from spoken words through artificial intelligence.
    In a matter of minutes, achieve precise transcription for your recordings. Our interface is incredibly intuitive allowing you to swiftly upload files and receive the transcribed version with just few clicks.

    Sorry, but it is not clear what needs to be rewritten in the phrase "AI VOICEOVER." Please provide more context or specific instructions.
    Transform your words into captivating commercials and engaging narrations with our AI voice. Our technology delivers a seamless delivery, natural intonation, and unrivaled versatility to suit any project needs. Choose effortlessly from various voices and languages while adjusting the pace according to your preference.

    Explaining images through AI Vision.
    Effortlessly share the image of your choice for exploration or discussion and receive thought-provoking dialogues.

    Analyze documents using CHATPDF.
    By harnessing the capabilities of AI, we aim to transform your PDF interaction experience. All you need to do is upload a PDF file and effortlessly identify relevant details, extract valuable insights or generate an overview of the entire document.

    The Article Wizard is an AI tool.
    Simply select your topic and witness MagicAI generating SEO-optimized blog content within seconds.
    MANUAL INSTALL AND LICENSE INSTALLATION FREE Just enter the magicai.sql database file into phpmyadmin then go to setting_.two and enter the license value as shown in the following image:         Once finished, please check your website dashboard page again and you're done
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