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Bicrypto - Crypto Trading Platform, Binary Trading, Investments, Blog, News & More! v3.5.3 + Add-ons


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Bicrypto - Crypto Trading Platform, Binary Trading, Investments, Blog, News & More! v3.5.1 + 14 add-ons

Note The latest version currently provided by the CodinganMe community website is the version that follows the updates to the original owner, as our affiliate partners have a valid license. By purchasing the paid version from our community website you will get full assistance and updates quickly / in real time with the original source.
includes 14 free add-ons with first purchase.
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Introducing Our Premier Trading Platform: A Convergence of Innovation and Excellence

  1. Market Leader in Trading Platforms: Recognized as the Rank 1 Best Selling and Most Highly-Rated (5-Star) Trading Platform.
  2. Peak Performance Platform: Acclaimed as the Rank 1 Best Performing Platform with a robust backend framework. Benchmark
  3. Advanced Nuxt 3 Frontend: Harnessing the power of Nuxt 3 for a cutting-edge frontend experience.
  4. Elite Trading Interface: Offering a top-end trading page, optimized for user engagement and performance.
  5. Adaptive Trading Page: A fully collapsable trading page that adjusts seamlessly across devices.
  6. Device-Responsive Design: Ensures a fluid experience on all devices with tailored layouts.
  7. Fully Tailored User Experience: Customize the frontend to your exact specifications, including global site themes, sidebars, shades, and colors.
  8. SEO-Optimized Whitelabel Solution: Fully customizable for brand alignment with built-in SEO enhancements.
  9. Dynamic SVG Animations: Elevate user interaction with fully animated SVGs, enhancing the platform’s interactivity.
  10. Automated Liquidity Solutions: Seamless integration with major exchange providers like Binance and Kucoin, alongside native exchange and blockchain integration using an ecosystem addon.
  11. Innovative Binary Trading System: Offering a cutting-edge binary trading experience.
  12. Native Charting Library: A comprehensive set of drawing tools and indicators for precise market analysis.
  13. Real-Time Orderbook: Stay updated with a live orderbook feature.
  14. Comprehensive User Management: A robust system for managing users, roles, and permissions.
  15. Fully Customizable KYC Templates: Adapt the KYC process with customizable templates and multiple levels.
  16. Comprehensive KYC System: A reliable and efficient Know Your Customer system.
  17. Expansive Extension Library: A vast array of extensions available, continuously expanding the platform’s capabilities.
  18. Unparalleled Platform Customization: Tailor every aspect of the site for a unique user experience.
  19. Versatile Wallet Management: Customize wallets with balance adjustment capabilities.
  20. Comprehensive Fiat Wallet System: A dedicated system for managing fiat wallets.
  21. Built-in Cron Manager: All backend crons are efficiently managed and executed upon deployment.
  22. Effortless Installation: Benefit from an automated installation script for straightforward setup.
  23. One-Click Live Updater: Keep the platform updated effortlessly with a single click.
  24. Integrated Mailing and Notification Systems: Efficient communication channels for user engagement.
  25. Enhanced Security: Robust 2nd-factor authentication system using SMS or app authenticators.
  26. Multilingual Capability with Auto-Translation: Break language barriers with an automated translator.
  27. Real-Time Support: Live support with an in-built websocket, independent of third-party services.
  28. Efficient Live Ticketing System: Streamline customer support with a live ticketing system.
  29. Dynamic Blogging Feature: A fully-functional blog system to engage and inform users.
  30. High-Yield Investment Program (HYIP) System: A platform for managing high-yield investments.
  31. Advanced Admin Management and Analytics: Comprehensive tools for platform administration and analytics.
  32. Exchange Integration Wizard: Easily connect with providers like Binance for orderbook integration.
  33. Fiat Currency Management Tools: Manage fiat currencies effectively.
  34. Dual Mode Interface: Choose between dark and light modes for user preference.
  35. Extensive API Documentation with Testing Functionality: Comprehensive API documentation, complete with integrated testing features for streamlined development and troubleshooting.
  36. Robust Security Framework: Advanced security measures including CSRF protection, and a sophisticated token system with token refreshing and expiration functionalities, ensuring top-notch security and user data protection.

Trademark Notes:

Mandatory Inclusion of TradingView Trademark in Client Footers

  • As part of our ongoing commitment to comply with legal standards and agreements, we would like to inform all clients that the inclusion of the TradingView trademark in the footer of their websites is now a mandatory requirement. This directive must be adhered to consistently, and any alteration or removal of the trademark is strictly prohibited.
  • This requirement stems from our legal agreement with TradingView. Clients who wish to discuss the specifics of this agreement or explore alternative options for trademark placement are encouraged to directly contact TradingView. When reaching out, please identify yourself as a MashDiv client to facilitate the process. TradingView offers the possibility of utilizing a standalone page for their trademark instead of footer placement, or other section alternatives, should you prefer not to include the text in the footer.
  • Please be aware that upon utilizing our services, your site and company information will be recorded in the TradingView company database. This registration is an integral part of our compliance with the terms of our agreement with TradingView.
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