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Multi Level Marketing Addon For Bicrypto v3.0.2


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About This File

Enhance Your Network Marketing with BiCrypto’s MLM Features

  1. Admin Analytics Page: A sophisticated analytics dashboard providing comprehensive insights into network performance and growth metrics.
  2. Admin Referrals Management: Effective tools for managing referral processes, enhancing network growth and member engagement.
  3. Admin Rewards Management: A robust system for the management and distribution of rewards within the MLM network.
  4. Admin Affiliate System Management: Centralized management of the affiliate program, ensuring streamlined operations and effective strategy implementation.
  5. Admin Affiliate Levels Management: Tools for dynamic affiliate tier management, allowing for customization of network structures.
  6. Admin Affiliate Conditions Management: Flexible tools for setting and managing affiliate conditions to optimize network strategy effectiveness.
  7. Live MLM System Generator: An intuitive tool for creating MLM systems with adjustable rewards and network percentage allocations.
  8. Fully Expandable, Draggable, Native MLM Charting: User-friendly and interactive charting tools for visualizing and managing MLM networks.
  9. Live Navigations in Nodes for Admins in MLM Charting: Enhanced node navigation features for administrators, improving MLM network management.
  10. User Dashboard for MLM System: A comprehensive dashboard for users to manage and overview their individual MLM activities.
  11. Rewards Page for Users with Ability to Claim Rewards: A dedicated page for users to access and claim their earned rewards.
  12. Advanced MLM Tree Generation: Enhanced algorithm for more efficient and effective MLM network structuring.
  13. Improved Logic and Scalability of MLM System: Upgraded system logic and scalability, supporting larger and more complex MLM networks.
  14. Rich and Well-Organized MLM Base: A solid foundation for MLM network development, adaptable to various models including binary and unilevel systems.
  15. Direct Referral System: An integrated feature to boost network growth through direct member referrals.

Requirements (minimum):

  • Bicrypto Core

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