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  1. Free
    Lagom NULLED. Simple, Intuitive and Fully Responsive WHMCS Theme
    WHMCS Client Area and Order Process theme equipped with multiple layouts, multiple styles, WHMCS menu manager and simple color customization.
    Download Lagom WHMCS Website Builder :
    Download Email Template for Lagom WHMCS Client Theme :
    Download Client Notifications for Lagom WHMCS Client Theme :
    Style Manager
    Provides essential tools used to manage Lagom theme colors and styles without having any technical know-how. You will be empowered to apply various Styles and Color Schemes to tailor our theme to your brand style.
    Menu Manager
    From now on, you do not need to create complicated WHMCS hooks to modify the Lagom theme navigation. Menu Manager delivers a super convenient option to set up the menu items from the WHMCS addon.
    Different Styles & Colors
    Lagom WHMCS Client Area Theme consists of 4 unique styles. There are 5 different color schemes available for each style.
    Other Features
    Login Based Layouts
    Display different menu and footer layouts based on the customer's login status.
    Basic SEO Management
    Manage SEO for selected theme pages. Assign your custom page title, description, and social image.
    Custom Layout for Pages
    Assign a unique Lagom Layout to specific pages and overwrite settings made in Layout Manager.
    Affix Theme Navigation
    Affix the top Lagom theme navigation when a customer scrolls your website up.
    Multiple Element Styles
    Using a few simple clicks you can choose from 3 different styles available for particular Lagom elements.
    Multiple Page Templates
    Define various templates for selected Lagom theme pages and configure its settings.
    Different Fonts
    Change Font Family used in the Lagom theme with a few simple clicks.
    Affix Theme Sidebars
    Affix theme sidebars to the top of the browser window.
    Hide Sidebars
    Hide Lagom theme sidebars for selected pages in Page Manager.
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  2. Free
    Lara WHMCS Admin Theme Nulled blended together, resulting in a beautiful WHMCS Admin Theme, that can be used on daily basis, without hurting your eyes!
    The theme comes with tons of options, beside the good looks :
    Compatible with the latest WHMCS, including all the latest versions, from V6 to v8 Menu Search, The Only WHMCS Admin Theme with search in menu, for easy access to all WHMCS options. Intelligent Search, Search in WHMCS by (ticket number, invoice number, customer name, city .. etc). Menu Notifications, Detailed notifications ( number of open tickets, pending invoices .. etc.) shown directly in WHMCS menu. Home Page Widgets, Beautiful home page widgets, using moris.js chart engine. Right Side Bar, Providing easy access to “Advanced Search, Ticket Search, in-ticket menu and built in browser links. User Menu, Custom user menu, with quick links and notifications area. Full Source Code, 100% source code provided. No encoded/encrypted files. Updates & Support, 12 Months of Free updates and support. Including new features, bug fixes and WHMCS Updates. Dashboard Customization, Choose what to see on your dashboard. Hide/Show homepage widgets. 12 Different Skins, Enjoy 12 color-full skins for every taste, with a click of a button! Intelligent Search, Intelligent search as you’ve never seen before, with optional search as you type “Quick Search”. Custom CSS & Javascript, Easily apply your custom modifications without the need to edit the theme files directly. Gravatar integration, Each admin will have his/her own gravatar icon. Google Analytics Widget : Without leaving your WHMCS admin area, check user sessions, countries, operating systems and other Google Analytics metrics. [ Free addon for Limited Time Only ] Staff Chat Widget, Staff members can easily chat with each other, directly from within WHMCS admin interface. [ Free addon for Limited Time Only ] Support Tickets Count : Better algorithm for counting tickets, and including the numbers on every page.
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  3. Free
    Hostlar  – Penyedia Hosting Domain dan Template Teknologi HTML dengan WHMCS dan RTL. Hostlar adalah template SEO friendly yang Mudah Digunakan, Ramah Seluler, Sangat dapat disesuaikan, dibangun dengan kerangka Bootstrap CSS. Ini sangat cocok untuk hosting unik, domain, dan perusahaan bisnis reseller dan memperdayai semua klien dan pesaing Anda. Bagian yang sangat dapat disesuaikan dengan banyak elemen untuk digunakan oleh perusahaan mana pun yang menyediakan hosting web, hosting pengecer, hosting awan, domain, Hosting Email, hosting WordPress, dan Hosting WooCommerce. Memiliki opsi untuk banyak dukungan.
    Kompatibilitas dengan versi WHMCS – 8.7.2
    Fitur utama :
    100%  Responsif dan Ramah Seluler 3 template WHMCS dengan 3 versi RTL Penggeser di templat WHMCS versi RTL 9+  demo Beranda 8  halaman hosting Total halaman dalam 60+   Halaman penawaran Black Friday disertakan Pencarian domain dengan PHP Formulir kontak ditangani oleh PHP dan Ajax dengan validasi Bisakah template digunakan sebagai Reseller Templat untuk penjualan Domain Obrolan Langsung Gratis Mudah disesuaikan Bangun dengan Bootstrap dengan versi 4.x    Kode bersih, kode yang diformat dengan baik Desain Profesional Bersih dan Modern   Kompatibel Lintas Peramban Menggunakan Google Font Termasuk Ikon Themify Efek Transisi Sangat Halus W3C 100% kode tervalidasi Didokumentasikan dengan baik Dukungan Profesional dan pembaruan gratis. Demo langsung :
    Url : https://themeforest.net/item/hostlar-domain-hosting-provider-and-technology-html-template/25689361

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