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QRPay - Money Transfer with QR Code Full Solution Web Scripts + App Include 4.5.0 NULLED

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QRPay provides a comprehensive QR code-based solution that simplifies money transfers. It supports both Android and iOS platforms, as well as an easy-to-use website and efficient admin panel. The system comprises three interfaces: User Panel, Merchant Panel, and Super Admin Panel. Key features include effortless money transfer via QR codes; fast payment processing capabilities; options for mobile recharge services; functionality to pay bills with ease; streamlined solutions for sending payments efficiently ; potential virtual card opportunities;a secure checkout page payments integration through versatile gateway-payment API which is also accessible by developers.Our top priority is providing exceptional software solutions at an affordable cost so you can capitalize on the numerous opportunities in this dynamic industry . With QRPay's help , transform your ordinary operations into extraordinary achievements!


Complete Documentation is in the Files

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User Features

  • Create a memorable first impression with captivating landing pages that showcase your brand and offerings. Engage visitors from the moment they arrive to make a lasting impact with Dynamic Landing Pages.
  • Facilitate secure entry to your platform by implementing robust user authentication methods. Safeguard confidential data and instill confidence in both yourself and your users.
  • Email Verification enhances security and validates user accounts by verifying their email addresses. It ensures that your platform is safeguarded against unauthorized access while maintaining a dependable community of users.
  • QRPay makes money transfer hassle-free by getting rid of tedious account numbers and complicated procedures. With QRCode Money Transfer, users can conveniently scan a code to make transactions quicker than ever before.
  • QRPay simplifies the payment process with its user-friendly interface, enabling users to pay for goods and services in a secure manner without requiring cash or physical cards.
  • With Advanced Security Systems in place, you can have peace of mind knowing that your financial information is safeguarded by cutting-edge security measures to uphold the secrecy and accuracy of your transactions.
  • Streamline your billing process by integrating both automated and manual payment gateways. Achieve smooth, stress-free transactions with hassle-free automation or manage payments manually as per your business requirements.
  • Accelerate your transactions without compromising on security standards with QRPay. Our platform guarantees secure and smooth encrypted transactions that inspire confidence in users.
  • Ensure seamless connectivity with the manual mobile recharge function, facilitating users to effortlessly add credit to their mobile accounts through the app.
  • Stay connected at all times with our manual bill pay feature. Users can conveniently pay their utility bills straight from the app.
  • With mobile wallet functionality, you can conveniently manage your funds and access your balance and transaction history anytime, anywhere.
  • Experience the ease of a virtual card that enables you to make safe online transactions without requiring an actual physical card.
  • QRPay offers integrated money transfer solutions that simplify global transactions, delivering fast and cost-effective results.
  • Integrating with PayPal, the Paypal Payment Gateway offers a popular and recognizable payment solution to enable customers to pay seamlessly; this enhances user experience ultimately leading to higher satisfaction rates and conversion rates.
  • Easily handle credit card transactions with the Stripe Payment Gateway integration, streamlining payment processing for your users and guaranteeing top-notch data protection.
  • The Flutterwave Payment Gateway is an innovative and dependable system that transforms the process of adding funds and managing automated withdrawals. Featuring cutting-edge technology and a user-friendly design, users can enjoy a seamless transaction experience while businesses benefit from enhanced security measures.
  • Improve user engagement and awareness through web-based push notifications. Disseminate critical updates, announcements, and customized messages to their gadgets.
  • With user profiles, users can create and manage their own custom experiences. By providing personalization options, ownership of platforms is enhanced. Customizations allow for a more intuitive experience that caters to individual preferences.
  • Enable User Account Deletion: Empower your users to exercise control over their accounts by offering them the option of deleting it. Prioritize privacy and data security measures while acknowledging users' decisions.
  • Our Story: Craft a captivating About Us section to express the narrative, viewpoint and objectives of your brand. Foster credibility, articulate belief systems as well as associate with your audience on an intimate level.
  • A comprehensive privacy policy demonstrates your dedication to safeguarding user data and ensuring their privacy. By establishing transparency and adhering to industry standards, it showcases compliance with regulations.
  • The App Download section provides a user-friendly avenue to access your Android and iOS apps. Elevate the visibility of your apps, promote downloads, and guarantee frictionless interactions across various devices.

What's New in Version 4.5.0 NULLED   See changelog


version v4.5.0 (22-06-2024)
--[ADDED] GiftCard (Reloadly)
--[ADDED] Automatic Bill Pay Added (Reloadly)
--[ADDED] Automatic Mobile Top Up Pay Added (Reloadly)
--[ADDED] Seo Data
--[ADDED] Exchange Rate Section Added On Admin Panel
--[ADDED] Handle Email Sending Validation
--[ADDED] Manage Country For Registration System (User,Agent,Merchant)
--[ADDED] Push Notification Added For App Sections(User,Agent,Merchant)
--[ADDED] Regenerate Merchant Api Key With Website Name For Payment Gateway(Merchant Panel)
--[ADDED] Admin Google 2FA Security
--[UPDATED] Payment Link System
--[UPDATED] Language keys
--[UPDATED] Module Settings
--[UPDATED] Push Notification Functionalities
--[UPDATED] Tatum Gateway Functionalities For SOL Currency
--[UPDATED] Installer and Security
--[UPDATED] Gradle, dart and flutter version
--[UPDATED] Documentation

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