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Advanced Database Cleaner Pro v3.2.9 nulled

Arfiano MV

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Advanced Database Cleaner Pro

Free Download latest update Advanced Database Cleaner – WordPress plugin NULLED. Do you know that even after deleting a plugin/theme from your WordPress website, some of its leftovers may remain in your database? Such as orphan options, orphan tables, and orphan cron tasks. As you may know, not all plugins/themes care about the housekeeping of your WordPress database. As long as you are removing plugins/themes, leftovers will be accumulated in your database and will influence your website performance. You should clean this unnecessary data to reduce the size of your database and improve efficiency when accessing tables. In addition, your backup files will be quicker and smaller.

The Pro version of Advanced Database Cleaner will help you remove all those leftovers and perform a deep database clean up and optimization (you can download the free version from wordpress.org).

Main features available on both PRO & FREE versions.

Clean up Posts Table. Delete old revisions of posts and pages, delete old auto drafts & delete trash posts. This will help reducing the size of your "posts" table

Clean up Comments Table. Delete pending comments, spam comments, trash comments, pingbacks and trackbacks. This will reduce the number of rows in your "comments" table

Clean up Orphaned Metadata. Delete orphan post metadata, orphan comment metadata, orphan user metadata, orphan term metadata and orphan relationships

Clean up Expired Transients. Expired transients are temporary options that should not exist in your database since they are expired!

Display & View Orphaned Items. View details about orphaned item before making a database clean-up so you can be sure about what you are going to clean-up

Keep Last x Days’ Data. You can keep the last x days' data from being cleaned and clean up only data older than the number of days you have specified

View & Manage Tables. Display tables information such as the number of rows, table size, etc. Optimize tables & repair corrupted ones. You can also empty and delete tables if needed

View & Manage Options. Display all options list and options information such as name, value, size, autoload, etc. Set options autoload to no/yes and delete options if needed

View & Manage Cron jobs. Display active cron tasks list (scheduled tasks) with their information such as arguments, next run, etc. Clean and delete scheduled tasks

Get and overview. The plugin will help you get a clear idea of what is happening in your database. It will report all unused/orphaned items that should be cleaned

Scheduling. The plugin will automate the process and run a cleanup/optimization automatically based on your settings. No need to do it manually each time

Reduce DB size. By deleting unused/orphaned items, you will save space in your database and make quicker backups since the file of your backup will be smaller

Main features available on PRO version only:

Detect & delete orphaned options. Your ‘wp_options’ table may be full of orphaned options and therefore can impact the performance of your website. Clean up orphaned options is then important

Detect & delete orphaned tables. You may have orphaned tables that were created by plugins/themes you are not using anymore. Clean up orphaned tables will increase performances

Detect & delete orphaned cron jobs. After you uninstall a plugin/theme, some of its cron tasks may still be active making WordPress calling unknown functions. You should clean them up

Scan & Edit Categorization. You can scan specific items or all items to verify to which plugin/theme they belong. You can also correct the "belongs to" value

Search & Filter Anything. You can search and filter options, tables and cron jobs based on several criteria such as the "name", "creator", "value", etc.


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