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Uni CPO - WooCommerce Options and Price Calculation

Free Download latest update Nulled Uni CPO Premium - WooCommerce Options and Price Calculation Formulas is a fully featured plugin that creates an opportunity to add custom options for a WooCommerce. Uni CPO Premium NULLED is a fully featured WordPress plugin from Codecanyon magazine that gives a possibility to add any custom options to your WooCommerce products as well as enables custom price calculation based on any maths formula. The current version includes these types of options: text input, file input, radio inputs, checkboxes, dropdown, date/time picker, range slider, palette select and textarea as well as special types such as heading, divider, note.

For each option you can define title and a set of specific settings like: - min, max, step values for input type number/decimal or range slider; - max file size and allowed mime types for file input - sub options for checkboxes, radio, dropdown, palette select etc. Also, this plugins gives an ability to create field conditional rules and display/hide certain children options based on a choice made in its parent option.

However, the unique feature of the plugin is that it creates a possibility to use any maths formula in order to calculate the price of the product based on user’s input / options chosen.

Moreover, there is a conditional logic for formula – it is possible to create several formulas which will be applied under certain circumstances – user chosen options. And even better – you can create non option based variable(s) and use it in formula conditional rules. A quick example: you want to set sort of base price (e.g. apply a different maths formula) based on a calculated area that is calculated based on user’s defined width and height. Easy! You will be able to apply different formulas based on the value of calculated area.

The plugin works with products type ‘simple’ (including virtual products). Features:

  • Options builder – nice UI that provides a smooth user experience.
  • 10+ types of options/fields included.
  • An ability to create as many as you want non option based variables and use them in a formula(s).
  • A possibility to use almost any maths formula for price calculation.
  • Conditional logic for formula.
  • Conditional logic for options/fields.
  • Cart discounts.
  • An information about chosen/defined options is added to cart item / order item meta and visible in a customer’s account, on order edit screen, in emails.
  • Change product image for option type dropdown.
  • An ability to disable product ordering under certain circumstances.


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