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Oxygen Builder v4.8.3 NULLED - Visual Site Builder for WordPress & WooCommerce

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Visual Site Builder for WordPress & WooCommerce

Free Download latest update Oxygen Builder Ultimate Package – Ultimate Visual Site Builder for WordPress & WooCommerce NULLED. Oxygen Builder NULLED is a plugin for WordPress that allows you to visually design your site, from header to footer, without needing to write any code. If you want complete control over the look and feel of your WordPress site, Oxygen is what you've been looking for.

List of addons:

  • Automatic.css
  • dPlugins Collaboration
  • dPlugins Sandbox
  • Editor Enhancer
  • Dashboard Customizer
  • Advanced Scripts
  • Hydrogen Pack
  • ERROPiX Oxygen Attributes
  • Oxy Extended
  • OxyExtras
  • Oxygen Gutenberg Integration
  • Oxygen Elements for WooCommerce
  • OxyMade
  • OxyNinja
  • OxyPowerPack
  • Oxy Toolbox
  • OxyUltimate
  • Oxy Ultimate Woo
  • Oxywind
  • Scripts Organizer
  • Swiss Knife Pro

Download addons:


There are a number of advantages to using Oxygen over the competitors. Primarily, users of Oxygen enjoy faster loading sites with cleaner markup, less bloat, and far more power in controlling the design and layout of their sites. Additionally, most competitors are "page builders", whereas Oxygen is a full-fledged site builder for designing your entire site, header to footer and everything in between.

Oxygen is built on a principle of only loading what's needed, when it's needed. Other page builders load hundreds (or thousands) of kilobytes on blank pages. Oxygen only loads about 90 kilobytes on a blank page. Oxygen also outputs very clean HTML code. Whereas other builders generate large numbers of nested divs for simple content, Oxygen generates no unnecessary divs. Plugin features:

Responsive Control. Hide or show elements on certain devices. Customize layout, spacing, colors and all other CSS settings across four media queries plus desktop.

Flexbox Layout Engine. Take total control of alignment, spacing, and layout using visual controls for CSS flexbox - a superior way to create horizontal layouts and responsive designs.

Scroll Animations. Choose from 27 tasteful animation types from the Animate on Scroll library to bring your pages to life - without garbage like bounces, twangs, or other cheesy effects. Control animation timing, delays, when to trigger, and more.

Custom Fonts. Use any font from Google, or give your pages that 'designer' touch with Adobe Fonts. You can also upload your own custom font files with ECF.

Custom Icon Sets. Use IcoMoon or free LinearIcons included with Oxygen, or upload your own custom icon fonts in SVG format.

Filters. Skip Photoshop and tweak blur, brightness, contrast, saturation, and more directly in Oxygen using the power of CSS filters.

Transforms. Achieve incredible rotation, zoom, and 3D effects using Oxygen's visual controls for CSS transforms. Layer transforms and combine them with hover states to create amazing mouse over effects.

Classes & States. Save time by using classes to style multiple elements at the same time. Tweaks to the class immediately take effect everywhere it is used - no need to repeatedly copy and paste styles.


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Latest Updated.

Oxygen 4.8.3 Now Available - Security Update

Important – if you encounter issues after updating, you should:

  • For large sites, wait ~5 minutes for the "Oxygen 4.8.3+ requires a migration of your Oxygen meta keys" admin notice to go away. If it doesn't go away on its own, proceed to:
  • Go to WP Admin > Oxygen > Settings > Tools and click Migrate Meta
  • Clear your cache with your server / host / cache plugin

Oxygen 4.8.3 is a security update that addresses a vulnerability reported to us by security researcher Francesco Carlucci. It also includes a fix for broken Gutenberg blocks in the latest version of WordPress (6.5+) when using Oxygen.

The security issue we have addressed is a privilege escalation vulnerability that would allow a user with “contributor” or higher permissions to escalate their privileges to an admin (CVE-2024-4662). This issue impacts anyone that has granted untrusted users Contributor+ access to their WordPress website. It does not affect you if you do not have Contributor+ users on your WordPress website. This issue can only be exploited by a Contributor+ user.

At this time there are no known instances of this vulnerability being exploited in the wild.

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