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EventRight Pro - Ticket Sales and Event Booking & Management System with Website & Web Panels (SaaS)

EventRight Pro NULLED. Event booking management apps are designed to make it easy for organizations and individuals to plan and host events. These apps typically offer a range of features to help users manage their events, including the ability to create and manage tickets and manage event schedules, payments, and offers. With all of the event details and guest information in one place, it’s easier to stay organized and keep track of everything. This can help ensure that your event runs smoothly and that your guests have a great time.

Download User App for EventRight Pro Event Ticket Booking System | 46176963


Easy Event Listing

Create and manage event listings: This Allows organizers to create listings for their events, including information such as the event name, date, time, location, and description.

Event Scheduling

Features to help organizers manage their event schedules, such as the ability to create and manage multiple event schedules and view schedules for individual events.

Guest management

Features to help users manage their guest lists, such as the ability to create and manage guest lists.

Easy Find Events Nearby

EventRight Pro User App & Website has a location feature to help users find nearby ongoing & upcoming events.

Mail Notifications

Web panels & Website is using SMTP Mail Configuration for Email Notifications, such as in Forget Password,

Tax Page

EventRight Pro Web Panel has a dedicated Tax Page to add multiple taxes according to your country.

Feedback Page

EventRight Pro website users can give feedback to the admin from the website.

Maintenance Mode

Admin can toggle the Maintenance Mode ON or OFF to let the end user know about it. Admin can choose a custom image & write custom text.

Customizable Logo & Primary Color

Admin can change Website & Web Panels Primary color, Logo, Favicon Image right from the Admin Panel’s Settings Page.

Commission System

Admin can decide the commission type Percentage or Flat Amount from the settings which he earns from each booking made by the customer.


Admin or Organizer can create offer coupons for users, There are multiple criteria for coupon validation. Each coupon can be applied to a specific event. Coupons can have discounts by percentage or by a flat amount.


Users can be set with compulsory verification by Email, SMS, or Both.


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Latest Updated

v2.0.0 Update 08-APR-2024
– [NEW] Added Mobile Apps Banner Section on Website home page (link can be set from admin panel)
– [ADD] Stripe payment token added to the invoice
– [ENHANCEMENT] Added Dropdown in SMTP Authentication & Mailer Type
– [ENHANCEMENT] Ticket CTA Button text changed to "Book Now"
– [ENHANCEMENT] Now using Organization name in website as Organizer's Name, kind of Brand name (SQL Query is attached)
– [UPDATE] Documentation updated regarding mobile apps section on home page
– [ADD] Debug Mode. In Admin Settings > Debug Mode
– [FIX] pagination button UI in my-tickets
– [FIX] having issue in coupon add, edit, delete in some scenarios
– [FIX] Different Ticket Validity Date
– [FIX] Added missing info on Organizer Profile Page
– [FIX] Inactive events are not visible in the Organizer Panel
– [FIX] Not able to Edit Online events from Organizer Panel due to scanner requirement
– [FIX] App users were visible to Organizer as well as admin
– [FIX] Organizer is seeing the notification of another organizers
– [FIX] the stripe payment token is not being saved in database
– [FIX] Coupon uses not being recorded in the booking data
– [FIX] Multiple minor bug fixes & enhancements
– [NOTE] There is a DB SQL Query file attached.

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  • Arfiano MV changed the title to EventRight Pro v2.0.0 NULLED + Addons Scripts

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