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P2P Trading Addon For Bicrypto - P2P, Livechat, Offers, Moderation, Escrow, Disputes, Reviews v3.0.6


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About This File

Empower Your Platform with the P2P Trading Add-on for BiCrypto

  1. New P2P Management Page for Admins: Introduces a dedicated management page for administrators to oversee P2P trading activities, ensuring efficient platform moderation.
  2. User-Friendly P2P Offers Page: Provides users with a dedicated page to view and manage P2P offers, enhancing their trading experience.
  3. Payment Gateways Management: Allows users to manage payment gateways, offering flexibility in transaction methods.
  4. Comprehensive Offers Page: Features an offers page where users can manage their trades and select currencies including fiat, spot, and funding, fully integrated with the ecosystem.
  5. Integration with Knowledge Base Add-on: Seamlessly connects with the Knowledge Base Add-on, providing users with essential information and guidance for P2P trading.
  6. Dedicated Page for User Trades: Offers a specialized page for users to manage their trades, fostering a user-friendly trading environment.
  7. Live Chat Functionality in Trading: Incorporates a live chat feature within the trading page, facilitating real-time communication between traders.
  8. Secure Escrow System for P2P Transactions: Implements a reliable escrow system, ensuring the security and integrity of P2P transactions.
  9. Efficient Dispute Resolution Logic: Provides a logical framework for handling disputes between users and sellers, maintaining fairness and transparency.
  10. Trade Fulfillment Logic for Users: Includes a system to efficiently manage and fulfill trades, enhancing user satisfaction.
  11. Admin Offers Management Page: Equip admins with a dedicated page to manage offers, ensuring effective oversight of trading activities.
  12. Admin Trades Management Page: Features a page for admins to oversee all trades, streamlining the management process.
  13. Dispute and Trade Fulfillment Management for Admins: Offers tools for admins to manage disputes and trade fulfillments, maintaining order and efficiency on the platform.
  14. State-of-the-Art Nuxt 3 Frontend: Utilizes the latest Nuxt 3 technology for a responsive and user-friendly frontend experience.
  15. Powerful UWS 20 Backend: Employs the robust UWS 20 backend framework for optimal performance and scalability.

Requirements (minimum):

  • A Knowledge in running a server or any hosting with ssh and root access
  • Node JS +18
  • Apache +2.4.49 Or Nginx
  • Server with SSH that has Permissions, not shared server without any permissions
  • VPS at least 4GB RAM to be able to execute orders smoothly
  • Make sure the provider allows the services of trading or referral system you are going to implant
  • Make sure the VPS country is allowed by the provider you going to purchase like Binance or Kucoin or use Ecosystem if you want global coverage without the usage of providers
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