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PublishPress Capabilities Pro v2.13.0

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PublishPress Capabilities is the best plugin to control permissions for your WordPress posts, pages, media and custom post types.
Capabilities allows you to manage user roles. You can create and copy roles. You can choose specific permissions for each role.
Capabilities also enables you to back up, restore and migrate your site's permissions.

features of PublishPress Capabilities

Control user permissions

PublishPress Capabilities gives you detailed control over all the permissions on your WordPress site. You can customize all the user roles on your site, from Administrator to Subscriber.

Create and copy user roles

With PublishPress Capabilities, you can create or copy any existing WordPress user role. These roles can be added to single sites or to an entire multisite network.

Content permissions

With Capabilities, you can choose who can Publish, Read, Edit and Delete content. You can choose permissions for posts, pages, custom content types, categories, tags, and more.

Capabilities for any Taxonomy

The PublishPress Capabilities plugin allows you to add extra permissions to the taxonomies on your site. You can give “Manage”, “Edit” and “Assign” permissions for all your taxonomies.

Permission backups

Every time you change your permissions, the PublishPress Capabilities plugin will automatically create a backup. If you make a mistake, go to the “Backup” menu link and you'll be able to undo your changes.

Editor Feature Restrictions

PublishPress Capabilities enables you to decide what users see when they're writing posts. The Editor Features screen allows you to remove elements from the both the Classic Editor and the block editor.

Admin Features Restrictions

With PublishPress Capabilities, you can restrict access to admin features by user roles. This screen allows you to hide features in the WordPress admin area and toolbar. You can decide which links, dashboard widgets and other features the users can see.

Frontend Features

With PublishPress Capabilities you can modify the features that show on the frontend of your website. For each user role you can modify the site frontend by hiding IDs or classes, adding CSS styles, or adding body classes.

Profile Features

PublishPress Capabilities allows you to remove elements from the Profile screen by user role. You can clean up the Profile screen and make it easy for users to update their account details.

Admin Menu Restrictions

With PublishPress Capabilities, you can restrict access to admin menu screens by user roles. You can use this feature to add or remove links from the WordPress admin menu. You can customize the admin menu to meet the different needs of each user role.

Navigation Menu Restrictions

PublishPress Capabilities enables you to restrict access to navigation menus by roles, logged in and logged out users. This is useful because a default WordPress site does not give you way to control the visibility of your links.

Media Library Permissions

PublishPress Capabilities enables you to decide who can upload, edit and delete files from your site’s Media Library. You can customize permissions for the Media Library and also the Featured Image box.

WooCommerce Permissions

With PublishPress Capabilities, you can control permissions for WooCommerce products, orders and coupons. You can also manage WooCommerce taxonomies, such as Product categories, Product tags, and Product shipping classes.

WordPress Multisite support

Capabilities can control permissions on a single site or across your whole network. Every time you update permissions in PublishPress Capabilities, you can choose to sync those changes across your multisite network.

Custom Statuses

If you have the PublishPress or PublishPress Permissions plugins, you can create custom statuses. With Capabilities Pro, you can decide which user roles are able to send posts to each status.

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